Найсвіжіші новини Чернівців та Буковини

Важливо, Новини області

Увага! Попередження про туман

За даними УкрГідрометцентру, 31 січня на більшій частині території України тумани, видимість 200-500 м  (I рівень небезпечності, жовтий).

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  1. See the further comments in the closing discussion.
    The feedback provided adequate comments onproduct availability in the market.

  2. Structured interviews (using standardised measures) were carried out, but the more in-depth comments that the older people made were also noted.
    What can be commented on is the general evolution.

  3. The data were analysed for emergent themes, cross-referencing the comments of different interviewees to build up a picture of the family perceptions.
    I have therefore restricted the following comments to the few issues pertaining to sexuality which are brought up more or less directly by teachers’ comments.

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